Application Launched

I'm sure you've been in a slump before. Creative projects much like the development process suffer when you hit a mental block and succeed in demotivating yourself. Sometimes it's the overwelming initial big picture view that's discouraging. Othertimes it's death by a thousand papercuts. I find that developing a web application requires a fair amount of modivation during the planning stage. As much as I like to get my hands dirty and jump into the code, this attempt I decided to plan things out more; committing my thoughts to paper before beginning any code.

The project began as a simple blogging platform and is growing into something between a blog and a full CMS. Why a blog? WordPress exists after all, right? Wordpress is a fantastic extensible platform and with skilled hands is an excellent candidate for a variety of projects. As a programmer I try not to reinvent the wheel, other times it's a project requirement. I simply don't need the extensibility that Wordpress offers. The oodles of 3rd party code which constantly requires maintenance (be it upgrades or bug fixes) is offputting when many sites require your attention. Perhaps one day I'll go through it with a fine tooth comb and work it into a few projects, after all there is plenty of demand for Wordpress development. Safe to say it's on my todo list - just farther down.


Most of us are loath to engage in many forms of repetitve tasks. Grunt work is something I strive to automate as much as possible, especially if time permits. Automation, after all, is what initially spurred my interest in programming. In the long run the initial investment is worth it with time and effort saved (not to mention sanity).

The human mind excells at identifying patterns. After working on many projects for a variety of tasks I've noticed patterns, especially with how I approach and execute projects. The first few times performing a (reasonable) task it's not a chore. Once that changes and the novelty wanes it becomes work in every meaning of the word. Not to mention my attitude changes, and success as we all know is very much an attitude. Often times this is problematic when creativity is needed.

Send in the Clones

What separates a blog from a full CMS? Besides the obviousness of their function it's the levels of abstraction. Full CMS lean more towards the generic whereas Blogs are specific, like PCs (general purpose machines) compared to consoles. Without getting into the details both solutions feature logins and areas for content. In my experience many people desire similar objectives with their websites such as:

  • Sharing things (documents, photos etc.)
  • Collecting information (from contact to order forms)
  • Keeping people up to date (marketing, company information, newsletters)
  • Inventory Management (displaying, processing, reporting)
  • Payments
  • Mobile (a growing demographic)

Applications spend the majority of their life in maintenance. After rolling many custom solutions out of neccecity I've decided to create an abstraction with a focus on accomplishing the above tasks. Standardizing things enables newer projects to benefit from older ones with minimal deployment effort.


I want to focus on the what, instead of the how, as much as possible.

Stay Tuned!

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